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Ferrari F50, Bigger Engine And More Advanced Structure

The Ferrari F50 was intended to be a Grand Prix car for the road but with a sports car body. With a big engine and a carbon fiber body structure it was a fantastic performer. Top speed was 207 mph just 6 mph faster than the F40, but it carved 2.0 seconds off the 0-100 mph time at only 8.0 seconds, neck-wrenching acceleration. Only 349 F50s built Although the F50 was shown in prototype form in 1991, it was some time before it emerged as a production car and then only 349 were built. Of course, the design was changed a lot before it went into production, but some features are the same as on a Grand Prix car. Inspired by the F40, the F50 was improved aerodynamically, and had its own looks. The fenders sweep rather lower than the center section of the body, and the headlamps sit behind plastic covers. New for Ferrari were the outlets from the radiator in the hood 30 years after Ford did it on the GT40. There are long air intakes in the flanks of the car, and the neat tail is topped by a hi